UC San Diego

UC San DiegoUC San Diego is an academic powerhouse that is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through excellence in education and research at the undergraduate, graduate, professional school and postdoctoral levels. It is one of the top ten public universities according to the U.S. News and World report.

It maintains fairness, cooperation, and professionalism which foster the best possible working and learning environment for all the members of its community. It also embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential ingredients of academic excellence in higher education.

UCSD offers over 100 undergraduate programs spanning six disciplinary areas including Social Sciences (38.1%), Engineering (20.3%), Biology (18.7%), Science/Math (10.3%), Special/Undeclared (6.3%), Humanities (3.3%), and Arts (3.0%).

With that, they are able to create an academic community featuring world-renowned members of the faculty, brilliant students, and equally dedicated staff that work together in an interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

UCSD also provide need-based support to up to 70 percent of UC San Diego undergraduates allowing them to pursue their dreams despite financial difficulties.

Visit UC San Diego at 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093. To contact them, please call (858) 534-2230. To find out more information about undergraduate admission, graduate admissions, the Chancellor, and the US San Diego Health System as well as to find out more about the university, please visit their website at http://www.ucsd.edu.

UC San Diego
Featuring UC San Diego, an educational institution in the San Diego area.
9500 Gilman Dr.
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Phone: (858) 534-2230