Rocking Horse Ranch Equine Rescue

Rocking Horse RanchRocking Horse Ranch is a non-profit animal welfare group whose mission is to create a positive change for the betterment of society by influencing the lives of many and providing a healthy environment whereby hope and healing can occur.

Through the use of their equine rescue and rehabilitation program as its therapeutic model, the ranch is able to help youth and adult alike to take part in experiential learning programs, outreach, and innovative education, primarily in an outdoor environment.

The group provides on-going charitable services to the local community through providing horsemanship and open riding days to local families and regularly working with foster youth, prison ministries, victims of sex trafficking, homeless, and more.

Also, they have an equine rescue program where they give overlooked, misunderstood, neglected, or abused horses a second chance at having a full and happy life.

Moreover, they provide quality mental health services, personal growth, teambuilding and leadership, and educational programs. Equine-Assisted programs incorporate horses experientially for emotional growth and learning, an effective technique when working with even the most challenging individuals.

People can visit the Ranch at 10310 Circa Valle Verde, El Cajon, CA 92021. However, this is by appointment basis only.

They can be reached through phone at (619) 443-5400 as well as through email at

To find out more about their work, please visit their website at