Opening Now for a City Attorney Investigator

The city of San Diego is looking for a City Attorney Investigator. Salary ranges from $58,219.20 – $70,428.80 annually. Interested applicants should file as soon as they can as application closes this March 5th.

City Attorney Investigator positions conduct a wide variety of pre-trial investigations related to lawsuits in which the City is a party or in the prosecution of civil, criminal, or administrative cases; locate and interview witnesses; gather documents, statements and other factual material; and hearings to assist attorneys and testify when necessary; conduct special investigations; attend property inspections; and perform other duties as assigned.

Required documents should be attached electronically to your application. If you are unable to attach at the time of application submittal, you must submit them as soon as possible via fax:  (619) 533-3337; or to the Employment Information Center: City of San Diego Personnel Department, 1200 Third Avenue – Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101. Include your name and the title of the position for which you are applying.

Visit the San Diego city personnel page for more information.