NatCat San Diego

NatCatThe National Cat Protection Society (NatCat) is a non-profit animal shelter and adoption organization dedicated to the protection and welfare of cats. They provide clean, comfortable, and safe open rooms, kitten quarters, and outdoor access in large, enclosed patio areas for the feline friends under their care.

They are always looking for volunteers who can help in providing TLC to the companion animals under their care. People can dedicate their time and energy through spending time with the felines in their shelters, assisting with special cleaning and decorating tasks, and providing foster care to kittens.

People can also donate items such as can brushes, combs, wipes, puppy pads, cat nip, cat toys, dry cat food, cleaning supplies like paper towels, bleach, and white wash cloths, and flea control medication.

In addition, members of the community can also donate cash via credit card through PayPal. The funds generated are used for providing quality care for the feline friends under NatCat’s care.

They have two shelters which can be reached through:

Spring Valley

9031 Birch Street, Spring Valley, CA 91977

Phone: 619-469-8771

Fax: 619-469-2454

Newport Beach

6904 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone: 949-650-1232

Fax: 949-650-7367

For more information, please visit