Job Details for Associate Planner

san diego newThe position of associate planner requires that the individual work to create develop, and manage plans of various natures colon

  • Environmental
  • General
  • Community
  • Urban

This individual must also do a variety of other jobs,as well. The associative planner has to have a variety of skills, including organization, planning, and time management.

  • Manage projects for land use and development
  • Write environmental documents
  • Prepare and coordinate the processing of permits for local state and federal use
  • Perform reviews for developmental permits
  • Do checks on reviews of landscape planning
  • Analyze and review technical drawings
  • Prepare ordinance policies the research and review
  • Make presentations delete
  • Make presentations at public hearings and meetings on planning and environmental issues
  • Handle the task of Geographic Information Systems mapping(GIS)

There is a wide variety of other tasks, responsibilities, and duties that the associated planner, as well.

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