The 106th Fiesta of the Holy Spirit (Procession)

San Diego GovtOn Saturday May 14th, 2016 the Portuguese community will be hosting the 106th Festa of the Holy Spirit (Procession).  This event, referred to as Pentecost Sunday, will be celebrated by the Catholics on this most wonderful day. The procession, one of the best parts of the event will take place between the United Portuguese Hall located  at 2818 Avenida de Portugual and St. Agnes Church located at 1140 EVergreen Street.

There are approximately 1000 people anticipated to be in attendance and approximate 200 anticipated participants who are expected to be in attendance.

This event will take place between 6:40 pm and 8:30 pm and will be hosted by United Portuguese SES, Inc. Please come out and join us in this most secreted celebration. All are welcome.

Please visit for more details.