San Diego Non Profit Jobs


Non Profit Jobs maintains a list of  San Diego non profit jobs which is updated daily. Categories of job opportunities include:

Grantmaking – Positions for Grant Writers
Management – Includes Executive and Operations Management
Programs – Activities which are core products or services of the organization
Fundraising – Always a continuing need for non profit grops
Marketing, PR – Part of the program and fundraising activities
Technology – IT, Software, Web, and phones
Support – Drivers, Cooks, Janitors, and more

The latest IT Jobs Include:

IT Manager   2/8/2013    Senior Community Centers

Multimedia Designer   1/26/2013     La Jolla Playhouse

Web Developer    1/12/2013    Center for Community Research

For the job seeker looking for nonprofit jobs in San Diego, it’s easy to find open positions using!  Simply locate a job category and begin your search.

For the nonprofit employer in San Diego county, create a free account (that’s right, it’s free!) and begin the simple steps to post your nonprofit job opportunities.  It’s a bargain you can’t resist! All job listings must be in the nonprofit sector in San Diego County.

Currently there are job listings in all categories which you can browse at the job listings page located here:

San Diego Non Profit Jobs


San Diego Non Profit Jobs
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