San Diego Job Opportunities

Personnel Department Employment OpportunitiesThe San Diego Personnel Department welcomes online applications for the latest job openings in San Diego. Here’s some employment opportunities open to the public as of this writing:

Claims Representative II (Liability)

Deputy Director – Environmental Services

Director of Purchasing and Contracting

Librarian I 

Librarian II

Librarian III

Police Officer I

Police Officer II

Police Recruit

Pool Guard I

Swimming Pool Manager I

Moreover, they are urging those who do not have accounts with NeoGov to create one to avoid missing employment opportunities. Those who have had accounts since June 3, 2011 do not need to create a new one.

The department also advise applicants to not share their user accounts to anyone since it will jeopardize their status in the recruitment process. All accounts must also be kept accurate to ensure that applicants do not miss any notifications. In addition, applicants are requested to save their online application once every hour even if they are presently entering information since failure to do so will result to a process time out and all unsaved information will be lost.

To apply online, contenders need to click on a position title of any open job opportunity and then click the “apply” link.

For other details including a complete list of the latest job openings in San Diego, please visit or

Disclaimer: Effective November 23, 2012, the San Diego Personnel Department is only accepting online applications.