Fake Utility Worker Scam Advisory

City of Del Mar LogoThe San Diego Sheriff’s Department warns the public to stay alert for potential burglars posing as water utility workers in order to gain access inside residences in the area.

On January 29th, this incident was reported to the Sheriff’s department where a man supposedly claimed to be working for the Santa Fe Irrigation District appeared at the home of an elderly woman and said that he needed to check something in her water system. When the homeowner requested for identification, he dodged getting caught by saying that his ID’s were in his truck.

Upon entry to the house, the man walked through the residence without doing any of the tests he claimed but simply observed the house’s contents and then departed. Nothing was taken but the public is still advised to take caution regarding this matter.

The Sheriff Department says that the potential thieves commonly target the homes of senior citizens. The public is advised that official utility workers will not go inside residences for any reason.

Remember the following tips in order to protect yourselves and your family:

  • Do not open the door for someone you do not recognize. Use a peep-hole, side window, or locked security screen door.
  •  Request identification. City workers and utility personnel will always carry official identification.
  •  Check the vehicle to make sure it has the Del Mar logo permanently displayed (the logo of the City of Del Mar appears on all Del Mar utility vehicles).
  • Ask for the name and phone number of the worker’s supervisor.
  • Trust your feelings; never let anyone into your home if you are uncomfortable.

Please call the City of Del Mar Public Works Department at 858-755-3294 if you are wondering if it is a City worker or work crew. You can also contact the Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565-5200 or the Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

For more information, please visit http://www.delmar.ca.us.