Christmas Holiday Meal

San Diego Rescue Mission Holiday MealsVolunteer for a great cause this Christmas and join San Diego Rescue Mission’s Holiday Meals on Christmas Day at the San Diego Rescue Mission, 120 Elm Street, San Diego, California.

Guests and attendees will be provided with the following activities and presentations: praise and worship music, small care packages, information dissemination on the long-term recovery programs of the organization, as well as great giveaways for kids and adults alike.

San Diego Rescue Mission’s Holiday Meals happens three times a year during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Through this event, the less fortunate in the San Diego area are provided with home-cooked food, companionship, and enough celebratory activities and games.

To become a volunteer for this upcoming holiday meal, kindly seek assistance by contacting the organization at, or call 619-819-1897.  Feel free to visit for more details.